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Capital- Suva
Official languages-English, Fijian, Hindi
Area total- 18,274 km2
Population 2012 estimate- 858,038

hammock_beach_palms_paradiseWhen i was a little girl, my Dad used to take me with him to a place he liked to hang out every day after work. I remember there was a lady, in her mid 40's who was pouring drinks for all the men in that small, local, improvised bar. She was always offering me a small chocolate which was soooo good, called "Papion", and I was hiding behind my Dad's shoulder every time she came closer. Until one day, when she asked me:"why are you so shy, do you know that being shy is not going to take you anywhere?". Those words just got stuck to me, and even until these days i refer to them when i want to remind myself that I should always take what I want.After three years of flying as a cabin crew (february 2015), I felt like it was time for me to step out of my comfort zone and try something completely different. Go to a place which i could only dream of. And that was Fiji Islands. At the beginning I thought that I need to fly to Australia, and then to New Zealand, and then take a plane to Fiji Islands. But I didn't care, I just wanted to go there so bad that even if I had to swim to the islands would've been fine by me. Apparently it was easier than that. So, 14 hours from Dubai to Brisbane with Emirates Airlines and then 3,5 hours with Fiji Airways to Fiji Islands.Holiday-Inn-Melbourne-Airport-Blog-Easter-Getaways-Fiji-Dancedescărcare

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At the passport control they didn't even know if i need a visa or not, because that was the first time they saw the blue Moldovian passport. By the time I got out of the airport I was so tired that I couldn't even understand what's happening. Some local ladies came up to me and started to explain about different packages they have for the trips and hotels: "one coconut", "two coconuts", "3 coconuts". I was like:"whhaaaat?". In the end, thank to booking.com I got a room in a hotel called Capricon, that serves butter in cold water for breakfast for it not to melt from the heat. No good. fijiIt's very important when you go for such long trips to reserve at least two days to acclimatise yourself, otherwise it's too much on your body. I had only 10 days vacation and didn't want to waist time, so, I was on the road again, on the way to Mana Islands that is a part of the Mamanucas Group Islands, located approximately 1,5 hours from the main Island, Nadi. The cheapest way to get there is by boat. I went to a local agency and I bought one coconut deal(😹) which included: two boat trips, one night stay in a backpacker hostel in Mana Island, and one more night stay in the hostel in Bounty Islands for 250 Fijian dollars(~125 USD).McLennan_Mana_12_059When we arrived in Mana Island, I went where the crowd was going, because that's what tourists do. In the Mana Island  Resort & Spa, I had a very warm welcome with refreshing drinks. Waited there for almost an hour to be told in the end that this is not the hostel, this is a 4 stars hotel, and obviously my booking was not made for this place. I had to drug my suitcase in sand all the way to the ghetto side of the island. Stupid of me that i paid first and then i looked at the room, which was a terrible mistake. Now, i have decided to go back to the Resort and beg them to take me back and not let me sleep with the cockroaches. After a little bit of bargaining I paid only 200 Fijian dollars for an absolutely adorable bungalow with a very stylish shower outside under the green trees and the burning sun. Now we are talking.accmainI had one of the greatest time of my trip, I met really lovely people, the General Manager of the Resort, U, is a great man from Germany that takes care of that place like no one else does. He showed me around the Island and introduced me to the little Fijian treasures from the primary school, and their classes were held outside because it was too hot to be trapped in those blue walls. A lot of volunteers mostly from Australia came to help the locals in need. That beautiful landscape requires some good work. I was very impressed of how much effort they all put into maintaining the Elegant Seaside Chapel and the local church. You won't believe the wedding pictures you can take with the Fijian breathtaking view.IMG_1923

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I haven't seen such a clean, azure colour of the water in my entire life. On the way to Bounty Island, I just couldn't stop staring into the blue. I was able to see at least seven meters down, It seemed like I could see the bottom of the ocean. In the distance, the dolphins were doing their daily job, greeting new arrivals. There is only one boat per day, that goes to Bounty Island and this is basically your only connection with the northern part of the Fiji Islands, called Yasawas Island Group. The main reason I came to Bounty Island it's to convince myself that the island is as sweet as the chocolate. I found the spot with the palm tree that it's shown on the chocolate cover. And ,only, at the sunset time I have realised why this is such an unique part of Fiji. I had to go through a little jungle to capture the sunset, and the locals where advising me not to go on the other side of the island because this is a line They don't even cross. It didn't matter to me, it totally paid off. But on the way back it was so dark that I couldn't see my own hands, and i was trying to take a picture with my camera, hoping that the flash will show me the way, no luck, I started to run. It was pretty scary.IMG_1997

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I didn't realise that 5 hours on a boat can be so tiring. From Bounty Island to Blue Lagoon I paid around 175 Fijian dollars. When i touched the sand on the beach I was about to kiss it, was so happy to be there. I stayed in "Blue Lagoon Beach Resort", and they have all kinds of different accomodation for those traveling alone( like me) or for those who travel with someone. Don't be afraid to travel on your own. It might seem crazy but trust me, it is the best way to discover yourself, and truly observe the surroundings. There will be so much time for self reflection, which we need from time to time to understand who we are and notice the small daily changes within our souls and minds.IMG_2248

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Of course you make friends, and socialize with people from all over the world. I met F from Switzerland, K from Wales, T and A from Australia. They were great partners in crime: we watched the shooting stars at night, had breakfast-lunch-dinner all together( the food is very international and has a lot of Australian influence), played in "crab race" (a local Island game), tried to cross the swimming pool on a long piece of wood after shots of tequila ( only A succeed), had movie night, learned how to enjoy the local drink Kava ( the roots of the same plant are used to produce a drink with sedative anesthetic properties, that makes you relax without disrupting mental clarity), went to the famous cave on Turtle Island where the movie "Blue Lagoon" was shot in 1980, went for scuba diving (11meters deep), it was great fun.


Returning back to Nadi felt like I am going back to the war. This time I have decided to take a small sea plane back to the main island and it cost me only 200 Fijian dollars for only 30 mins above the unforgettable ocean view. I stayed in Hilton Fiji Beach & Spa (Denarau Island) and I absolutely recommend it if you want to get a good night sleep before stepping into the airplane.

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They say that there are things in life that will mark you forever. Fiji was the place where i have seen the adult in me, and that was the good bye trip to the old me. I am thankful for every single second spent in that heaven. Once seen you can't forget it.

You can close your eyes to reality, but not to memories.

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I don't usually drive to Abu Dhabi from Dubai, unless i have a very strong reason. This time was the  Embassy of Brazil that made me visit the capital of United Arab Emirates. Holding a moldovian passport, i need to get the visa to enter Brazil, because me and my best friend C are going to the Carnival . I know, I know, promise to keep you updated.
I had a couple of spare hours to wonder in the city while they cook my visa, and it didn't take me much effort to browse on the internet and find out 10 free places to visit in Abu Dhabi. Along with the Grand Mosque, and Emirates Palace, there is also a very nice museum under the cloudy skies called "the heritage village". Located along the corniche road, the museum appears to be a wonderful surprise for the visitors.FullSizeRender (4)

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First of all know that the parking also is for free. You will see a line of buses waiting for the tourists to return from their journey, but don't get intimidated. It's all made with the purpose of having an easy access, so those who want to enrich their knowledge about the history of Bedouin lifestyle, can do so.FullSizeRender (5)

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I don't think you need more than 1,5 hours to see what the village has to offer unless you lose yourself in the little traditional souk where they sell different kinds of souvenirs, traditional clothing, silver jewellery and so on. On the other side you will be able to see, but not touch the products they produce here, like decorative boats of different kinds and sizes, or beautiful vases made from glass, or carpets with traditional motives. It's really nice.
Take a look inside the museum and be transported to the ancient time where Abu Dhabi used to be just a small village for trading. You will be able to see all kinds of tools they used for the pearl business: scales, brushes, clips etc. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures that gives a precise vision of how Abu Dhabi used to be back in the days. A bedouin tribe with their own traditions an culture. It is quite a special moment to see the several Holy Qurans written by hand, also some traditional jewelleries made by local ladies and the gradual evolution of the weapons local men used before to survive. FullSizeRender (7)

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It is indeed a little village that protects a small historical piece of Abu Dhabi. I even saw a big, lazy cow just laying down inside the stable. On the green grass, the ducks had their own source of water coming from a tube where they were able to splash themselves and pretend they are digging for gold in the mud. I hope they are not the dinner for tonight in the restaurant that you can find inside the village.image2 (1)

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I was very courious about the falaj irrigation system that was used back in time and it's still applicable nowadays to irrigate the palm groves. The word falaj derives from an old Semitic word meaning "distribution". This is a very telling description, as the water is distributed from where it occurs naturally, either alone or above the ground, to where it is needed in the villages or the fields (source: www.middle-east-online.com).FullSizeRender (10)

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Apprently it's better if you go there in the evening, because they have more exhibits and activities for the kids and adults, like falconry demonstration, campfires with tea sessions and great view of the Arabian Gulf waters. If you haven't discovered  Abu Dhabi yetthen this is a great start up point for you and your visitors.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

Soren Kierkegaard

Heritage Village Abu Dhabi working hours:

Saturday-Thursday 8am-1pm and 5pm-9pm.

Fridays 5pm-9pm.


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IMG_4163 So, finally I have been given a flight to Amsterdam. I remember last time i was here it was summer and warm and nice, I probably had 3 ice-creams in a couple of hours. But not this time. With only 4 degrees outside i had to find ways to stay warm, even though i had my winter jacket and my "forever-and-ever" boots. I guess being from the Netherland doesn't mean that you can escape the cruelty of the winter...but, you can definitely escape into a magnificent world of Amsterdam.
As much as you will try to convince someone that you are going to Amsterdam for a business  trip, people will still struggle to believe you. To many funky stuff involved in the game for you not to crack a smile when mentioning the name of the city, which makes others think that there is more to the story. I think it's pretty cool to create such an worldwide image about your country that can attract more than 5 millions international visitors annually (source: www.wikipedia.org). image5

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I haven't met anyone in my entire life that wouldn't like to visit the famous land of tulips, the home of one of the greatest philosophers Baruch Spinoza and the diarist Anne Frank. If for any reason you don't have the time to go there, then maybe i can take you to a virtual trip and show you around.image8Foto by me

This time i had only 6 hours to explore the city, because you know... duty calls. As soon as i landed i went straight into the city with two of my colleagues, T and K ( and we lost one of them in the name of shopping). We had to hurry up because we've decided to go to the famous Van Gogh museum which was like 30 minutes away from the Schipol Airport. image2

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In Amsterdam is very easy to get around and you can choose from a wide variety of public transportation: train, bus, taxi, metro, i'm sure you can order a helicopter if you want to be fancy. We have decided to be modest this time and pay only 5 euros for the bus number 197 that have promised to take us straight to the museum. You can get the museum tickets online, or from the ticketing office next to the museum, but we had the option to purchase them from the hotel for 17 euros. And, so, we went.
I must admit that i have discovered Van Gogh from a totally different point of view. I felt so connected with his work and life. In only a decade he had created something that touched generations and will influence the generations to come. How is it possible that a man who had never been involved in art, with a big lack of knowledge discovers his hidden talent at the age of 27 and starts making magic? Leaving behind more than 500 paintings and 820 letters, Van Gogh made me understand once again that every single one of us has his own mission in life and sooner or later the true you will come up to the surface, and it will be impossible to stop the best in you that you've been doubting.image1

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After getting my so necessary dose of inspiration me and T went to another touristic place in Amsterdam, the red-light district. As we were walking towards the area i was thinking to myself: such good girls are looking for such a naughty place". We thought we got lost at some point and i was so hesitant to ask where is the location of the hottest spot of the city. Fortunately, people were so considerate and didn't laugh at our kinky question. We girls also admire women's bodies too, so, please don't judge us. image7

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This is the part where the fun starts. A breeze of weed here and then in combination with some "manele" (romanian gypsy music) coming from the room where a beautiful lady is moving her hips that don't lie, is the perfect combination for a promising night. Boys and girls passing by with a curiosity that can touch the sky, don't intimidate the voluptuous dolls behind the glass that proudly show what mama gave them. I didn't know that, but apparently, when the girls get a client, everything happens right there, behind the doors with the lights turned off, as saying that the shop is closed. After some time, the lights come on and there are no more curtains that block the view of the girl that continues her inviting dance, like nothing happened.

If you look at the map of the city you will notice that almost all the roads in downtown lead to the red- light district, it seems like the city was built slowly around that area, and was expanding with the time. I enjoy the atmosphere other there, maybe because everybody seems so happy and enthusiastic, it's like they are seeing something they haven't seen before. Amsterdam is trying its best not to disappointment anyone and spoils as many nationalities as possible. One great way of doing this is by having a street (Zeedijk street, right behind the district) full of restaurants with international cuisines: Malaysian Restaurant , Thai Restaurant , Argentinian Restaurant ( steak house Al Argentino), Brazilian Restaurant ( Nossa Senhora), Japanese Restaurant ( Morita-ya), Lebanese Restaurant, Portuguese Restaurant, Vietnamese Restaurant. 

Starting up as a small fishing village in the late 12th century, Amsterdam became one of the most important ports in the world during the Dutch Golden Age (17th century). In 2012, Amsterdam was ranked the second best city in which to live by the Economist Intelligence Unit( EIU). This city of art has a lot to offer, its main attraction being: historic canals, the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk
Museum, Hermitage Amsterdam, Amsterdam Museum and its many cannabis coffee shops. (source: www.wikipedia.org)image3

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Let me tell you, this people love their sweets and art. After me and T enjoyed a big fat nutella crêpe with frozen chocolate yogurt on top, we went to a really lovely gallery (carre D'ARTISTES, www.carredartistes.com) from where T bought a small painting (15x15cm) made by a local painter for €85. These are the kind of souvenirs you get after a certain age. After being threatened by the aggressive bike riders of the cold night, it was time for us to make our way back to the hotel. But not before stopping for a moment and enjoying the classical street music that only adds up to the beauty of this remarkable city. Wish I could stay there longer if it wasn't for that pitiless cold.image9

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With its great variety of nationalities, food, arts, music, Amsterdam has a unique power to keep everyone together, unite and happy. In between those red-brick buildings people seem to find a way to enjoy the peaceful day life and the the dynamic vibrations of the night time. I hope you liked the tour and looking forward to hear your real experiences about the city.image4

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Bangkok like Las Vegas, can be a place where your brain starts generating bad ideas, and for some reason, most of the time is associated with the forbidden stuff. When i think of Bangkok, i get this interesting  picture of a very busy city. A lot of traffic everywhere, sky trains above your head running up and down, a lot of colours, a lot of noise and fun. People usually like it because they say it's cheap. But i think that even if it wasn't that cheap people would still go. It just simply has to much to offer for you not to take it. So far, i've been to Bangkok 7 times, and each time i say to do something different, i end up doing pretty much the same. Except one time. I'll tell you about it in a little bit.A ticket to Bangkok from Dubai can go up to 2100 dirhams( ~ $580) and depending on a lot of factors, the duration of the flight can be around 5-6 hours. And as per usual i had 24 hrs to enjoy the vibe of this extraordinary city and i started up with the traditional cuisine.There is no Bangkok without pad thai, and this time wasn't an exception. On Silom Road, i found a great place called "Maria Pizzeria and Restaurant". Each and every single time i go there, i see only a few customers eating, but the waiter is always counting the money over and over again. Maybe he thinks that by doing this, the restaurant will attract more money. We'll have to find out next time. After only 10 minutes,  my eyes got even bigger (they are already big) from the excitement. All i could focus on was the steam from the very hot dish moving constantly towards me. After not eating pretty much the whole day, that pad thai was just heaven on earth. The combination of the selected ingredients, created the most delightful food. The smoky flavoured rice noodles were perfectly fried with eggs and seafood. The squeezed lime juice on top of it all, plus a small amount of nuts and sprouts was the greatest bite. I was able to enjoy that even more with some fresh coconut water, which i bought on the street from a very lovely gentleman who picked the right place to sell it...right in front of the restaurant. Smart, huh?FullSizeRender (1)

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Thai people are one of the greatest masters in massages. With its provenance from around 2000 years ago, thai massage is used to heal not only your body, but your soul as well. I was spoiled for 1,5 hours by a tiny, beautiful, young girl who's got hands of a magician. I went to a place called Burberri, which is a typical spot where they do all different kinds of treatments for your body, face, nails, hair and so on. When you walk in, you automatically become a part of an unique experience. The traditional thai style of that place wraps you up in a very relaxing atmosphere. This time i chose the "hot herbal compress massage" and I didn't regret it. After they gently wash your feet, the lady that is going to take care of you, takes you upstairs and a whole new world opens up for you. The wooden brown floor makes a squeaky noise underneath your feet, which makes you step on it very gently, in a way your body takes the shape of a spy on a mission who came in to investigate a case. When you step on the stairs the vibration shakes the little Buddha statue from the corner of each floor. In the massage room, which was big enough to put 6 mattresses on the floor, they give you clothes to change. I looked like a pink kimono fighter, but it was very comfortable. After massaging my body in a way that only a thai girl would do, she applied this massive tea bag on body and compressing it gently I could feel how my whole body just sinks in.image1

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Knowing that I can't go to sleep at 7 pm, i have decided to join my lovely crew for dinner in a very touristic place called "Ban Chiang". The ambiance of that restaurant is so spectacular.fe Located in a hidden corner of Silom street, they managed to creat their own garden from beautiful flowers. The big green leaves keeps you protected from the outside noise, giving you a very private and comfortable space for you to enjoy the dinner. I have ordered a green curry with chicken that was a nice addition to the papaya salad. Both freshly served with rice and chilly sauce on a side. Understanding the benefits of the coconut water, I couldn't resist and ordered another one, even cooler and bigger.


I must confess, not all my trips  to Bangkok are quite like this. One time, me and my friend N, also moldavian, got the flight to Thailand, she arrived earlier the same day. When i went to Fiji islands, i made a friend, from Germany, and we agreed to meet up in Bangkok after one month. I was very excited to spend this time with my friends and decided to celebrate it. All three of us got ready for a night out and inspired by the movie "The Hangover", the Silom Tower became like a "must visit" touristic place in Bangkok. On the rooftop, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the whole city, sipping on a mojito and enjoying the fresh air above the clouds. It's absolutely fantastic. Just for the record, a bottle of champagne Moët et Chadon is about $1000.

After that, we did something that even if someone will take out my brain and wash it, i think it will stay still be there. We went to the "Ping Pong Show". Those who've see it, know exactly  what i am talking about. It's one of those things that will always stay in the back of your mind, and will definitely put a smile on your face. My german friend, being so rational, he was trying to prevent the awful moment, but his words were to weak for my strong will. I will try really hard to find the right words to describe what i have seen. So, basically it's a show in a very dodgy place, where you can see some ladies on the stage doing all kinds of things with one of the most precious part of their body. And i must admit it, they are quite talented. We asked one of the lady how long it took her to learn what she can do, and she said about 6 years. So starting with smoking, and bouncing ping pong balls out of their vagina, they ended up writing with a pen on a pice of paper: "welcome to Thailand", and the writing was a lot better than most of the hand writings i've seen in my life.

I remember the were two guys that set next to my friend N. After staring  for a couple of minutes, they approached us:" sorry to bother you, but can we ask you something?, " yes, we said.", "can you please tell us, what are you doing here?". We had to pretend we don't speak English in order to avoid an awkward reply. Ohhh Lord, that was funny. We went back to kow Sun road and tried to take our mind off that thought and blended in with the crowd, which was a much better idea.So, as you can see, there is no time for boredom in Bangkok. If you plan a trip to that side of the world, please try to explore the islands around and share your stories with me. I would love to hear it from you, as i am sure that regardless of whatever you choose to do in Bangkok you will definitely have loads of fun and great adventures. The world is too beautiful not to be discovered.Bangkok at night

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photo-1440557958969-404dc361d86fSo many times, we get that feeling that we want to change something in our lives, to take big steps, to overturn the mountains and to reach the stars. Nobody can teach us how to do it, because how you do it, is not important. What matters the most, is the idea...your idea that you can transform into actions. This is the only way you can understand that you are living and still alive.Everything started 4 years ago, when I applied for a job that I would never ever think of. After a very tense interview process, i was the lucky one selected out of 93 candidates for a flight attendant position. At the beginning, I was very skeptical about this job, but after a massive search on the internet, I got to  realize that this is it, I found it, my chance to spread my wings and fly. Do you know that moment in life when it doesn’t matter how, what, where? Well, that was my case. All it mattered it was just to start to fly, higher and as far as possible. These are one of the few times in life, when the destiny takes control over the ship and begins to float into the unknown...effortlessly and fearlessly.
When I went to the doctor to take my medical certificate for my new job, she asked me in a very curious way: „ so...is it grammatically correct to say stewardess? Is it ok to say it like that? (in Romanian language this word used to be considered a slang). According to the Romanian Explanatory Dictionary, yes, it is correct: stewardess woman on the staff board of an airplane with the task to guide and serve travelers”. Some people refer to us as „flight attendants”. In english language it’s very common to use „cabin crew”. This last one became such an international version in aviation industry that we use it as a secret code to detect each other. The funniest part is when you meet someone and they address this million dollars question:” Are you a cabin crew?, „Yes, I am. And you?”, „Yes, i am too”. Ohh, such sad faces, because we both hoped that at least one of us is not a cabin crew.I was born and raised in Moldova, a country situated between Romania and Ukraine. This place, is and will be the foundation of my personality, because that is the place where I formed myself as an individual and I became who I am today. After I graduated from my bachelor’s degree in Journalism, I started straight away my master degree in Marketing, and had to finish it from the distance because I moved away. After accepting the new job, Dubai became my second home. Here is the start-up point to all 6 continents and more than 140 destinations that we fly to.

The national flag of Republic of Moldova

Foto by me, The National flag of Republic of Moldova

The idea of creating this blog came into my mind a very long time back. A lot of my friends kept asking me when will I open the Pandora box. To be honest with you, I was waiting for that moment when I will really have something to say. I waited for the moment when the memories of my travels will rise voluntary in my mind and will activate the magic fingers. I want my subconscious to talk for itself, because, you all know, with time we remember only the good things. Only now I felt that the moment has come and it’s time to share with the world the most exciting feelings I have ever lived.During these 4 years, i had the greatest luck to complete 275 flights. When the length of the flight exceeds 5 hours, we usually stop in whatever destination we have, for 24 hours. This is how i came up with the name for this website. Every single bit of the world has something unique to offer, that’s exactly why I try to take greatest advantage of this precious time and enjoy every single small thing, every sunshine that seems different everywhere, every delicious cooking of the unknown masters that are substituting the cooking of my mother.Yes, you are absolutely right, it’s a crazy, tiring and spontaneous life style. But what can be better than this when you are young and in full power? When I have some days off I still try to travel as much as possible. I am a high class expert when it comes to packing the suitcase in minimum amount of time. I always wanted to travel to the farthest place that you can see on the world’s map. And I did it. In one beautiful day, in february 2015, with a lot of sunshine and positive energy, very specific for Dubai, I took-off to Fiji islands. Just for you to have an idea, these islands are 18 hours away to the est. I couldn’t accept the fact that the west side stays undiscovered and I went to see it, landed in Mexico. After that I’ve realized that the south-est side is beautiful too and visited Bali. And so on, the list can continue, but i will tell you more about it in the upcoming articles.In case you ever decide to apply for this job, please take a minute to reflect upon your decision. It’s not easy at all, you’ll have to give up so many things, just to satisfy the little rebel that is hiding inside of you. There will be times when you’ll have to wake up in the middle of the night, grab your suitcase and take off to God knows where. Or, even worse, sometimes you won’t sleep for 36 hours jus simply because you are in Sydney and don’t want to miss your chance to explore the city. It will be very strange for your body to have breakfast in New Zealand when actually you are supposed to have dinner. It is, indeed a very unique life style and only the strongest once resist the pressure, but trust me, it’s worth every single minute invested in knowing, discovering, finding the joy in thousands of those happy moments...in just 24 hours.ROMANIAN TRANSLATION/ TRADUCEREA ÎN ROMÂNĂ

Uneori, se întimplă că dorim să schimbăm ceva în viața noastră. Vrem să facem pași măreți, să răsturnăm munți și să ajungem pîna la stele. Nimeni nu poate învăța cum asta se face pentru că, asta nu contează. Important e să avem o idee clară, o idee care ne aparține și pe care o putem transforma în realitate. Asta este o cale sigură de a înțelege că trăim și că suntem vii.

Totul a început acum patru ani în urmă, cînd am aplicat pentru un job, la care nu m-aș fi gîndit nici într-o mie de ani. După un proces destul de intens de intervievare, am fost norocoasa selectată din 93 de candidați pentru poziția de stewardesă. De la început, am fost foarte sceptică cu privire la acest job, dar după ce am răscolit pe internet toată informația necesară, am realizat, totuși, că asta e. Am găsit șansa mea de a-mi desface aripile spre lumea mare. Stiți momentul în care nu mai contează cum, ce, care, de unde și pîna unde? Păi…asta mi s-a întîmplat și mie. Tot ce conta atunci era sa încep a zbura, cît mai sus, cît mai departe. Cred că acestea sunt unele din puținele clipe din viața unei personae în care, destinul preia control asupra corabiei și începi a pluti în neștire, neforțat și fără spaimă.

Cînd am fost la doctor să-mi iau certificatul medical pentru noul job, ea m-a întrebat curioasă : ” dar…ce? se spune așa, stewardesă? e corect să zici așa?”. Comform Dictionarului Explicativ Român, da, este :” Stewardesă- femeia care face parte din personalul de bord al unui avion, având sarcina de a îndruma și de a servi călătorii”. Alții, se referă la noi ca însoțitoare de bord. În limba engleză ni se mai spune și „cabin crew”. Această variantă a devenit atît de internațională în industria aviatică, încît noi o utilizam ca pe un cod secret, pentru a ne detecta unul pe celalalt. Cea mai amuzantă parte e atunci, cînd faci cunoștință cu cineva și la un moment dat apare întrebarea de milioane: ” Ești cabin crew?, „Da, dar tu?,” Da, și eu”. Vai, ce fețe încruntate vezi atunci, pentru că ambii am sperat ca măcar unul din noi să nu fie.

Eu am fost născută și crescută în Chișinău, căpitala Republicii Moldova. Acest loc, este și va rămîne temelia personalității mele, datorită căruia, sunt cine sunt astăzi. După, ce am absolvit facultatea de Jurnalism (ULIM), m-am apucat imediat de cursurile de masterat în Marketing (ASEM), pe care le-am  finalizat de la distanță, deoarece a trebuit să-mi schimb locul de trai. În urma acceptării noului post de lucru, Dubai a devenit a doua mea casă. Aici, se află punctul de pornire înspre cele 6 continente și mai mult de 140 destinații.

Ideea de a începe acest blog mi-a aparut de foarte mult timp în urmă. Mulți prieteni mă întrebau cînd o să deschid cutia pandorei. Sincer să vă spun, am așteptat momentul în care, chiar o sa am ce povesti. Am așteptat momentul în care amintirile călătoriilor o să răsară binevol în minte și o să activeze degețelele magice. Am vrut ca subconștientul să vorbească de la sine, căci, știți și voi, cu timpul ne aducem aminte doar de clipele cele mai plăcute. De abia acum, am simțit că acest moment a ajuns. De aceea vreau să scriu despre aventurile mele extraordinare și să împărtășesc cu voi cele mai frumoase experiențe trăite vreodată.

Timp de 4 ani am avut marele noroc să completez cu success 275 de zboruri. Atunci, cînd durata zborului depășeste 5 ore, facem un popas în jur de 24 de ore sau uneori chiar și mai mult, oriunde ne-am afla. De aici a apărut și denumirea web site-ului meu. Fiecare părticică a lumii are ceva unic de oferit. Încerc să profit din plin de acest timp prețios. Mă bucur de toate lucrurile  mărunte, care ne face viața mai frumoasă. Orice rază de soare mi se pare mai diferită decît cea de- acasă și toate bucatele impresionante gătite de acei maeștri necunoscuți îmi substituie mîncarea mamei. Dar în asta și constă plăcerea călătoritului.

Da, aveți dreptate, este un mod de viață destul de nebunatic, obositor și spontan. Dar, ce poate fi mai incitant decît să faci asta cînd ești tînar și în plină forță? Cînd am cîteva zile libere, încerc să călătoresc cît mai mult posibil. Sunt un expert de elită, cînd este vorba de făcut bagajul în timp minimal. Mi-am dorit dintotdeauna să ajung la cel mai îndepărtat loc, pe care îl vedeam pe harta lumii. Și am făcut-o. Într-o zi frumoasă de februarie 2015, cu soare și multă energie pozitivă, cum este specific Dubai-ului, am pornit la drum îspre insulele din Fiji. Ca să vă dați seama aceste insule se află cam la 18 ore de zbor înspre est. Nu m-am putut împăca cu gîndul că vestul rămîne nedescoperit și am pornit din nou la drum spre vest, în Mexico. Apoi, am realizat că și sud-estul trebuie vizitat, și așa am ajuns în Bali. Lista continuă, dar vă povestesc tot cu lux de amănunte în articolele ce urmează.

În caz că, te hotărăști vreodată să aplici pentru acest job, ia un minut ca să reflectezi bine asupra acestei decizii. Nu este ușor deloc, va trebui să renunți la foarte multe lucruri, ca să-ți satisfaci rebelul din tine. Vor fi momente în care, va trebui să te trezești cu noaptea în cap, să apuci valiza și să te pornești la drum. Sau, și mai rău, uneori nu vei dormi vreo 36 de ore pentru că vei fi în Sydney, unde e zi și înțelegi că dacă nu ieși acum în oraș, nu vei mai avea șansa să o faci mai apoi. Vei avea senzații ciudate să servești micul dejun în loc de cină în Noua Zeelandă, pentru că ziua s-a schimbat cu noaptea și plus la toate, în hotel se servește doar micul dejun. Este un stil de viață absolut unic și doar cei puternici rezistă presiunii, dar credeți-mă, se merită fiecare minut investit în a cunoaște, a descoperi și a dezvălui bucuria acelor  mii de momente fericite…în doar 24 de ore.


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