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I've been tricked and I'm glad it happened

A big part of cabin crew life consists of a bunch of small conversations with colleagues or passengers traveling from continent to continent. I believe that every single person has something to offer and to teach. You never know how a good word can change your entire perspective.

I turned up to be a student of my own wisdom. On my flight to Madrid, I had the pleasure to meet A, a colleague originally from Spain, that is too humble to shout out loud about the magnificent work her parents do. Throughout the flight I was trying to get some tips from my spanish compañeros ( spanish for comrades) on where to eat and enjoy an awesome view. A lot of great suggestions but when A mentioned about NEST ORGANIC Restaurant I knew that I had to look no further. The tricky part was that she didn't mention that her parents are the owners of the restaurant and that her lovely sister P, will be the spoiling factor that will make my experience even greater.

Around 16 years ago, when I was still thinking about dolls and playgrounds, Martinez family worked really hard on their new life project. Building an entire Ecological Club ( www.cuestadepatas) wasn't easy, but it paid off, very well, all the sleepless nights and the mountain of stress. The farm owned by Mr. John and Ms. Carmen is the primary source of all the ingredients used in NEST ORGANIC Restaurant.

Just about 10 minutes walking distance from Bernabéu Stadium, the restaurant is located in Moda Shopping Centre. My expectations exceeded the limits as soon as I walked in. Do you know that feeling when you come back home from a long working day and your mother is waiting for you with a hot bowl of soup? That is exactly how I felt at that moment. Pleasant and warm environment created by a rural décor with modern ornaments...this is NEST ORGANIC Restaurant.

I had the great honour to discuss with Mr. Johns, the owner of the restaurant, the beggining of this unique place. I could feel the passion and the pride that he holds within his heart. Along with his partner in business and in life, Ms. Carmen with whom his been sharing his joy and sorrow for almost 31 years, Mr. John has absolute control of what is happening in the restaurant. He was telling me that he wanted to creat something that people will enjoy and be happy to come back to. This is how the idea became alive. An organic restaurant with 100% fresh fruits and vegetables was something that benefits both parties, his family and the customers. The family is very proud of their product and they gladly send this message through the ambiance of the restaurant. I was impressed when I found out that even the paint that covers the walls is 100% organic. All the products that are used to make and eliminate the tasty food are organically certified. You are definitely in good hands.

Working on a common system used in the majority of the restaurants in Madrid, NEST ORGANIC Restaurant offers a daily menu that includes an appetiser, a main course, a dessert and a choice of wine or beer to compliment your meal. It's all served at a fixed price of 15,50 euros and the chefs selection is quite vast. I've decided to let the greatest advisers of the restaurant to guide me through, and who are they if not the staff? With a very friendly approach, J took the time to translate and explain all the dishes from the menu and helped me to make great choices. It's all about that in life, isn't it?

Starting up with a nicely presented appetiser, I begun my journey through the land of deliciousness. Fresh mozzarella topped up with rocket salad mixed in white balsamic vinegar, fried onions, sunflower seeds and raising. The combination of sweet and sour along with the freshness of the dish creates the perfect bite.
For the main course I chose the trout that was served with mashed potatoes mixed with black garlic. To be honest it was the first time when I've tried the black garlic, and I think that it is no different from the normal one, when it's cooked. It gives an interesting brownish colour and uniqueness.
I will be very honest with you. I am kind of tired of the desserts that are served in the restaurants nowadays. It's all covered in chocolate, or topped up with chocolate or it has chocolate on the side. Too much. In NEST ORGANIC Restaurant they truly read my mind and I got exactly what I was looking for. A great combination of natural, simple and tasty. A perfectly poached pear and vanilla ice-cream on top of caramel and bred crumbs. Simply WOW.

The restaurant has a nice selection of wines. All organic. Mr. Johns was telling me how he attentively chooses which wines to have on display and teaches the staff to recommend the right wine to accompany the right meal. You can find on the shelves also a wide selection of French Wines and Italian Wines. The ironed chair that I was sitting on, by the bar, could feel how I am sinking in after my first sip of Corucho Red Wine, and it felt goooood

I left the restaurant with a feeling that I am saying goodbye to my family. The way they made me feel during those couples of hours will always add up to my great experiences in Madrid. I walked out of that place with a massive hope. Hope for a better future. Hope in great organic food. Hope for a change. Such places need to take over the market and eliminate the fast food that is attacking massively. In order to have clean minds we all need clean food. We need to be conscious of what we give to our bodies. If you are too preoccupied with busy schedules, then let NEST ORGANIC Restaurant take care of it. Let the experts take over and help you achieve better results with 100% organic food. I encourage all the restaurants to switch to this concept and prove to all of us that these hopes exists.

Address: Av. General Peron, entrance C / Orense 22 pc.Carlos Trias Beltran (opposite the Picasso Tower), 38, 28020 Madrid
Tel: (+34) 917 70 85 87
Email: reservas@nestorganic.com
hours - Kitchen: Monday to Thursday from 12:30 to 23:30, Friday and Saturdays from 12:30. 00:30
hours - Restaurant: Monday through Thursday from 12:00 to 00:30, Friday and Saturday from 12:00 to 02:30


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